Seeking Mansfield Debuts Today!

I'm only the tiniest bit in a sort of surreal denial as I write this...okay, maybe a lot bit. *big breath*

My book debuts today.

The book I first had an idea for six years ago. The book I first started writing four years ago. The book that got me my agent and my publishing contract and allowed me to meet a group of the most amazing and supportive author friends I could imagine, people who have become more friends than author friends, in fact.

Seeking Mansfield will always, always hold a special place in my heart. But today, I have to give it up to the world. Readers own it now. Their interpretations and feelings, their love and hate, are all as valid as my own. In some ways, this is freeing. I can't change anything. I can't justify anything. I can't explain what something really means. Because readers get to decide that for themselves now.

It's also scary.

Because giving this book up means that I can't change anything. I can't justify anything. I can't explain what something really means. My flaws, my weaknesses in writing, my inability to express myself as well as I'd hoped are all right there, on the page. Readers will take this book and draw conclusions about what kind of a person I am from what I've written. Sometimes this will be favorable. Sometimes, not so much.

And that's okay.

I did my best with this book, and I love it dearly. If I were writing it today, it would look a little different, because I've grown as a writer, and, I hope, as a person. I've learned from brilliant writers and I continue to watch and listen and learn from essential conversations happening that directly affect teen readers. But I'm proud of my efforts, and I'm beyond grateful to my incredible editor, Kelsy Thompson, my amazing editor, Dawn Frederick (and Bree Ogden before her), and the team at Flux for their support and for making this dream come true.

I'm excited for readers to be introduced to Finley Price and Emma and Harlan Crawford and Uncle Thomas and Oliver Bertram and Tate and...all of them.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with me.

I hope you enjoy.

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If you make Seventh-Heaven,
which Im pretty shure you
will by loving God, loving
your nay-bore, I definitely
wanna RITE bout everything
for eternity. How X-citing.
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Love you.
Cya soon.